June 10, 2024  

Apple enters the AI era on its own terms

Despite the mystique that has wrapped itself around Apple since Steve Jobs brought it back from the  ...View More

Apple Intelligence only supports these devices: Is yours on the list?

Apple made a long-awaited AI announcement at WWDC Monday, introducing Apple Intelligence. The tech g ...View More

SEC considers spot Ether ETF application from ProShares

The commission approved 19b-4 filings from eight asset managers in May, but they won’t begin tradin ...View More

DeFi Technologies adopts Bitcoin treasury strategy

The publicly listed Canadian company announced the purchase of 110 BTC and repayment of $5 million  ...View More

Apple revamps Siri with a ton of AI features

Once upon a time, Siri kind of felt like artificial intelligence. Apple brought that feeling full-ci ...View More

Apple officially bringing ChatGPT to Siri and iOS 18

Apple and OpenAI have officially joined forces. After months of reports that all but confirmed the d ...View More

iPadOS 18 announced at WWDC 2024: 7 new features, including Apple Intelligence

Apple's WWDC has been full of big announcements this year, with AI taking center stage.iPadOS 18 was ...View More

Questlove digs into the roots of hip-hop and its impact in new book

Six-time Grammy Award-winning drummer and producer Questlove is digging deep into the roots of hip-h ...View More

Tony-nominated Jonathan Groff on revival of "Merrily We Roll Along"

Broadway star Jonathan Groff is celebrating his third Tony nomination for his role in the Broadway r ...View More

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