'Janhvi was one injury away from surgery'

'Janhvi was one injury away from surgery'
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With the success of Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor starrer Mr and Mrs Mahi, director Sharan Sharma has cemented his position in the industry as one of the finest storytellers. The film in just 11 days, has earned nearly Rs 31 crore. of Mr. & Mrs. Mahi has been Sharan’s second film with Janhvi, the first being Gunjan Saxena- The Kargil Girl. The two of them share a very close bond.
Janhvi Kapoor, in an interview on a lighter note shared that during the training for the film, she became ‘Thakur’ from Sholay as both her hands were injured.She also recalled a meeting with Sharan and shared with him about her injuries with Sharan thinking that she’s just overacting.
Now in an exclusive interview with ETimes, Sharan has for the first time opened up about the incident. He said, "I remember she had come into the office, and we were doing a reading and she was complaining that her shoulder is paining and all of that and I started giving her all this amazing pep talk about how every cricketer plays with a niggle, about how Sachin Tendulkar played an entire World Cup with a back problem. I am giving all these amazing cricket anecdotes of this match, and like what is this little shoulder pain. And literally during the meeting she broke down, she was in that much pain, and then I realized that something is serious. Later when she met the coaches, they told her immediately to get all checks done and she went in for an MRI only to discover that there was a tear in the shoulder. So I think my job on the film during the prep at least, was really to try and motivate and push her to the best of her ability."
“For a sport that she knew very little about, all these movements for the body, everything was new and she was completely out of her comfort zone. And I guess I didn't at that point understand the seriousness of the injury and once obviously the MRI came in and we knew how serious it was, then there was nothing to it, we had to do the proper rehab, and the shoot got delayed, "he added.
There were many clips doing the rounds on the internet that showed Janhvi’s shoulders were tapped, and she was training for the film. Elaborating more, Sharan said, "Literally both her shoulders were in a bad state. It really reached the point where senior doctors who work with premium athletes and cricketers told us that 'listen if she has one more tear, one more injury, she'll have to do surgery and your film will stop'. So the entire training and the entire cricket schedule has been done with this fear factor. So there was obviously that pressure. Now we had to just manage her workload, so those three months stretched to nine months. And on the day of shoot, there's only that much you could shoot. There's only that much retakes we can take. And I think literally God and the universe guides us so when we manage to finish the film without any injuries. I mean it's really a miracle on that front, " he wrapped up.

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