Panchayat 3: Jitendra addresses salary rumours

Panchayat 3: Jitendra addresses salary rumours
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The release of ‘Panchayat 3’ has generated significant excitement and garnered positive reviews, reinforcing the show's enduring popularity. Amid this enthusiasm, rumors have emerged claiming that Jitendra Kumar, who stars as Abhishek Tripathi, is the highest-paid actor on the show, allegedly earning ₹70,000 per episode. Addressing these rumors, Jitendra emphasized that discussing personal financial matters is unfair and unproductive.
According to a Hindustan Times report, the actor without verifying the rumored figures, expressed his displeasure with the public fascination surrounding actors' salaries.He believes such discussions do not produce beneficial outcomes and should be avoided. In his view, focusing on someone’s earnings is disrespectful and detracts from appreciating their work.
The actor’s reaction came after a report claimed that Jitendra earned ₹5.6 lakh for the third season of Panchayat, positioning him as the highest-paid cast member, followed by Neena Gupta, who allegedly earned ₹50,000 per episode. Jitendra's frustration is evident as he questions the value of these discussions and urges people to refrain from engaging in such rumors.

Directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra and written by Chandan Kumar, ‘Panchayat’ portrays the life of an engineering graduate, Abhishek Tripathi, who takes up a job as a panchayat secretary in a remote village in Uttar Pradesh due to the lack of better employment opportunities. The narrative beautifully captures the essence of village life and the protagonist's journey to fit into his new surroundings.
As per an HT report, Jitendra Kumar credits Panchayat for significantly impacting his career, opening up new opportunities, and allowing him to work on better projects with interesting filmmakers. Despite the professional success, he has consciously kept his personal life largely unchanged, making only minimal adjustments to enhance his comfort. Jitendra acknowledges the responsibility that comes with fame, aiming to meet the high expectations of his fans by consistently pushing himself to deliver more creative and engaging performances in future projects.

Reflecting on his experience with Panchayat 3, Jitendra found the script for the third season captivating and appreciated that the creators did not forcefully try to introduce drastic changes. Instead, they focused on telling new stories and presenting interesting situations within the established framework of the show. This approach allowed Jitendra to revisit his character with renewed energy and without undue pressure, relying on a well-crafted script to drive the narrative forward.

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