Apple officially bringing ChatGPT to Siri and iOS 18

Apple officially bringing ChatGPT to Siri and iOS 18
By: Mashable Posted On: June 10, 2024 View: 8

Apple and OpenAI have officially joined forces. After months of reports that all but confirmed the deal, the tech giant and the AI disruptor announced their partnership at WWDC on Monday.

As predicted from Apple insiders, OpenAI is bringing ChatGPT, powered by GPT-4o to Siri and its operating systems. With the Siri update, ChatGPT is integrated with different apps and features like Messages, Mail, and Compose. Examples include invoking Siri for recipe ideas from a list of ingredients, backyard landscaping advice with GPT-4o's image recognition, and using Compose to write a bedtime stories and generating an image for the story.

The collaboration with OpenAI, whose models are the technical benchmark for the AI industry, is a strong strategic move for Apple as it competes with Google and Samsung. For OpenAI, the partnership puts its AI models directly in the hands of hundreds of millions of iPhone users. It's "AI for the rest of us," said Senior VP Craig Federighi in the announcement.

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ChatGPT will be accessible for free, and chat and request information will not be logged. ChatGPT users with existing paid accounts will be able to access the same features through the operating system. The ChatGPT integration is part of Apple Intelligence, its collection of AI technologies that are privacy-minded. On that note, when ChatGPT is used, Apple will request permission from the user before sharing anything off-device.

ChatGPT will be coming to iOS 18, iPad OS 18, and MacOS Sequoia later this year.

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