PC-Malti bond over beach, ice-cream, animals

PC-Malti bond over beach, ice-cream, animals
By: TOI Entertainment Posted On: July 10, 2024 View: 9

Priyanka Chopra Jonas may be doing exceptionally well in her career but she's beautifully balancing it with motherhood, ever since the birth of her daughter. Priyanka carries Malti with her while she's shooting and makes sure to make the most of the time she gets with her baby girl. Meanwhile, Priyanka's latest post is all about taking a pause and enjoying the small, most beautiful moments of life.PC gives her fans a glimpse of some precious time with Malti Marie in her new post.
She shared many pictures and videos in this post. Don't miss the one where PC is holding Malti's hand and then she says, 'baby'. They can also be seen watching animals, spending time at the beach, having an ice-cream. This post also features Priyanka's mom Madhu Chopra in one of the pictures as the mother-daughter duo enjoy some reading time.
Netizens are falling for Malti every time PC drops a post featuring her. A user wrote, "She’s such a cutie, I love watching her short clips; they're a great way to put a smile on my face ❤️" Another one said, "I love how you balance your personal and professional life ❤️????"
Priyanka has just wrapped up shooting for 'The Bluff' after she has wrapped up 'Heads Of State'. 'The Bluff' also sees her pulling off some action as she had been dropping some BTS pictures giving a glimpse of it. Priyanka was last seen in 'Citadel' and 'Love Again'.

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