Vivek on losing films, shifting to business for income

Vivek on losing films, shifting to business for income
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Vivek Oberoi reflected on the challenging period of his film career when he lost offers and turned to business to secure a steady income.
In an interview with ABP Live, Vivek revealed his lesser-known business talents, which became his savior after being blacklisted in Bollywood. Reflecting on his past, he shared a youthful and naive business plan he devised at 15, using his pocket money to organize dates for girls he liked in college.

The actor recalled a disagreement with his father, Suresh Oberoi, over the responsible use of money.

Feeling hurt by his father's reprimand, Vivek decided not to rely on his father's financial support. To fund his college expenses and daily needs, he began working by taking on small voice gigs, hosting shows, and gradually earning his own money.

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The 'Saathiya' star continued his story, explaining how he saved his own money to study abroad. After returning, he pursued acting. Impressively, at just 16-17 years old, he built a stock market portfolio, began investing, and trained under stock market brokers. He also mentioned establishing his first business in Bangalore.

Elaborating further, Vivek explained how his business acumen became his savior during a dry spell in his film career. After his feud with Salman Khan led to a Bollywood boycott, he faced limited work opportunities. Despite the pressure of supporting his family, it was his business ventures that sustained him during this challenging period.
He also highlighted his dedication to philanthropy. Despite the challenges in his once-steady film career, he shared his efforts in supporting cancer patients, establishing a school for the underprivileged in Vrindavan, and various other humanitarian initiatives.

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