Star Trucker is such a realistic trucking sim that I somehow managed to jackknife my rig in space in its Steam Next Fest demo

The second I saw the trailer for Star Trucker, I was in love. A space trucking game with faux Peterbilts that have thrusters where their wheels should be running through space lanes dotted by US-style highway signs? Sometimes you find a game that feels like it was pulled out of your own subconscious and marketed directly to you, specifically. After a bit of time with Star Trucker’s Steam Next Fest demo, I remain mesmerized even as I have to admit that I’m very, very bad at space trucking.

Star Trucker puts you in the cockpit of a very literal space truck, and does a fantastic job of making that cockpit feel like a physical space. When you’re in the driver’s seat and cruising, you need to look around at your dashboard to flip physical switches and press physical buttons, which helps give the game a tactile feel. Yeah, sure, looking up and clicking on the big overhead lever to jump hyperspace isn’t much different from having a button on the controller that does it, but it feels cool.

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