MSI Claw brings more brands into the handheld game at CES

MSI is jumping on the bandwagon. After Asus and Steam solidified their positions among the best gaming handhelds last year, the gaming brand is looking to enter the fray. The MSI Claw was announced at CES 2024, bringing the world’s first Meteor  Lake powered device to the market. 

The Windows handheld was leaked last week, with today’s showfloor reports confirming the device’s existence, though we still don’t know anything about pricing or availability. Still, should MSI pull it off this could be a new contender in the space. 

That’s thanks to the massive 53Whr battery, capable of running at full load for two hours. The Asus ROG Ally manages to pack around an hour in 30W Turbo mode and the Steam Deck places similarly with everything whacked up to 11 as well. There’s more than just an extra hour of on the go playtime here, though. The MSI Claw will be powered by Intel Core Ultra processors, a departure from the AMD precedent set by Asus and Valve. That means the Claw will be able to run games with the assistance of Intel’s XeSS tech, an alternative super sampling upscaler to AMD’s FSR platform for higher framerates.

MSI Claw

(Image credit: MSI)

Like the Ally, the Claw will be able to run games across a variety of launchers and with its own software to keep all your titles easily accessible in one place. That’s a big draw for Asus’s device compared to the Steam Deck at the moment, so if MSI pulls it off better there could be trouble for Asus fans. Similarly, the Claw offers a 7-inch FHD display running at 120Hz – the same base specs as the Ally and slightly smaller, though higher resolution than the 7.4-inch / 1200×800 screen on the Steam Deck OLED. 

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