Call Of The Wild: Edge 393 explores how the creators of Payday are bringing the heist genre into the future with Den Of Wolves

With few exceptions, the open-world game has largely been the preserve of Western studios – those with deep enough pockets to fund the development of large-scale sandboxes, rich in scope and detail alike. But with publisher NetEase evidently prepared to splash the cash, Hangzhou-based Everstone is plotting to put China at the very heart of the genre with the forthcoming Where Winds Meet. 

In E392’s cover feature, we talk to the studio about this luxurious production, in which you play as a lithe and acrobatic swordsman whose skillset draws from wuxia: the physics-defying martial arts fiction seen in films such as Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Zhang Yimou’s House Of Flying Daggers. 

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